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The french-swiss smuggling trails

The 3 smuggling trail hikes offer 180 km of adventures and fresh air between France and Switzerland. Don't wait any longer and immerse yourself in the memory of the 19th century smugglers!

ITI PAYS HORLOGER 31_Bassins du Doubs_Ravegnani


Pull on your hiking boots, take your smartphone and set off on the French-Swiss smuggling trails !  On the menu of that great  itinerary and connected adventure: three hiking routes dotted with enigmas and role plays to discover the local smuggling history in a modern, outdoor way.

L’Orlogeur : from Morteau to Chaux-de-Fonds

Get into the skin of a smuggler and complete this unique hiking circuit, a real initiation to the secret practices of smuggling.

Duration of the route: 5 days
Length of the route : 60 km

La Bricotte : from Maiche to la Ferrière

For the duration of a hike of 5 days, follow in the footsteps of a  bricottière, a local character of small level smuggling necessary to keep the family and neighbours alive in difficult times.

Duration of the route: 5 days
Length of the route : 77km

The peddler: from Saint-Ursane to Saint Hipployte

3 days hiking to become the best peddler by selling most products possible by re-establishing truth.

Duration of the route: 3 days
Length of the route : 45km


Outstanding feature of the Route

Get involved in a fun, original role-play!
Step into the shoes of a watch smuggler, follow the historic trafficking routes, get your participation stamped in overnight accommodations and create your online travel journal.

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